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I've always been a nature-lover and interested in all of the various animals of the world. This site is intended to be a community for animal lovers to learn about the different animals that live with us here on earth. Also feel free to join in the discussion on our Animal Message Boards about whatever you'd like to talk about pertaining to our wonderful planet's wildlife.

We, as humans, are biologically considered to be animals ourselves, but in the context of AnimalsInTheWorld.Com, we will celebrate out non-human friends in the animal kingdom. We humans should also make an effort to educate ourselves about animals and try to help conserve our planet. Every species of animal in the world is important to our ecosystem in some way. We need to save our endangered animals, end animal abuse, save animal habitat, and much more.

Obviously, this site is small now, but I hope to continually add more articles about some of the most interesting animals on earth, from aardvarks to zebras and every animal in between. Use the menu on the left side of the page to navigate your way around the site, and please check back often as I add more articles and features to the AnimalsInTheWorld.Com. Thanks!

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